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Top 10 Free Entertainment Apps For Windows Phone 8

Trix Arena - Windows Phone apps and games store is slowly catching up to its competition like Google Play Store for Android and the Apple iOS App Store for iOS powered devices. With 140,000+ apps and games Windows Phone apps and games store quickly gained momentum and speed But still, finding nice relevant and high quality apps and games can be pretty difficult and hardworking job in this large amount of apps and games. That is why we are here to provide you some of the best Free Entertainment Apps For Windows Phone 8. these best Free Entertainment Apps For Windows Phone 8 will keep you entertained and amused on all of the boring subway journeys and those boring trips or in some lonely boring time...

Top 10 Free Entertainment Apps For Windows Phone 8

  1. Personality Test is a great app which will reveal your behavior to you from psychological point of view. some of the latest and new updated features of the Personality Test Windows Phone 8 app are Enneagram Test with comprehensive results, support unlimited saves, several bug fixes and many other new features are added to the Personality Test Windows Phone 8 app.
  2. Funny Pictures Windows Phone 8 app will give you an idea from its name that what it does and how to use the Funny Pictures Windows Phone 8 app. checkout the funniest pictures from around the world with infinite scroll support, the overall size of the Funny Pictures Windows Phone 8 is 2MB and can work on both Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8 OS.
  3. Netflix works on Windows Phone 8 as well as on the older version of Windows Phone 7.5, for those who are unaware of Netflix App here is a short description of the Netflix App, Netflix is a subscription service that will allow you to watch TV episodes and other blockbuster movies straight on your Mobile Phone screen.
  4. Ringtones Windows Phone 8 App is another great Application available in the Entertainment category in the Windows Phone 8 App store from Microsoft Corporation. with Ringtones Windows Phone 8 App you can get the best Ringtones for your Windows Phone 8 enabled device.
  5. Iphone Theme App is a great application for those windows phone users who want to enjoy the Apple iPhone feel in their device, Iphone Theme App as its name suggests will allow you to set another Iphone looking Theme on your Windows phone device. Iphone Theme is a free app and can be installed on both Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8.
  6. Flixster Windows Phone 8 App will give you all the movie trailers to watch, get critic reviews, find show times and many other things. some of the key features of the Flixster Windows Phone 8 App are high definition trailers, Rotten Tomatoes critics reviews, View local theaters, Search for movies, Voice commands and many other cool new features are added to the latest version of the App.
  7. IMDb also known as Internet Movies Data Base is the largest Information portal on the internet about all the movies, TV Serials and celebrities, with the help of IMDb Windows Phone App you can watch trailers, find show times, browse photo galleries, find DVD Blu-ray releases, get US TV listings and explore all the movies information with popular charts.
  8. Wallpaper Windows Phone 8 App will provide you some high quality wallpapers in different categories with infinite scrolling. you can dig wallpapers by keywords, Preview full size wallpapers with a Convenient Pictures Hub.
  9. YouTube Windows Phone might be available in every smart phone user and who won't be familiar with the role of this app. some features are YouTube video catalog, Find videos with voice search, channel guide User interface, Optimized for WP8 with Clickable links in description.
  10. Hulu Plus Windows Phone 8 App is great handy addition to your device by installing and adding Hulu Plus Windows Phone 8 App to the Kid's corner you will be able to get instant access free of ads kids contents such as SpongeBob SquarePants with Caillou and iCarly among many others. other than that you can watch episodes of Family Guy, Modern Family and the Vampire Diaries with many others.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Free Windows Phone 8 Educational and Family Games For Kids

Trix Arena - The most awesome and important features for parents in the Windows Phone 8 is the introduction of the Kids Corner which will enable you to protect your childern from bad things and will makes sure that your kids use your device safely. in this way your kids can play apps and games which you provided them after approval in the Kid's Corner. which means that kids can only have access to apps and games provided in the Kids corner and not on you entire phone. So if you activated your device and have already created and set up the Kids corner on your Windows phone device, then you must try some of these Free Windows Phone 8 Educational and Family Games For Kids. you can choose from a variety of Games that are available in the Windows Phone 8 store which can be free or paid, but here in this article we assembled some of the best Free Windows Phone 8 Educational and Family Games For Kids. we picked a few gaming gems that are available in the store and are quite suitable for all of your kids, so lets have a look at the top and best Free Windows Phone 8 Educational and Family Games For Kids...

Free Windows Phone 8 Educational and Family Games For Kids

  • Penguin is a free Windows Phone 8 Educational and Family Game with Great touch controls, 14+ different stages with improved graphics, Fun Original music with great sound effects and many other new features.
  • FrogSling 2 is the second game in the FrogSling popular series which was downloaded about half a million times, the latest FrogSling 2 comes with new challenges and exciting levels.
  • Cat Dance is a music game in which you will have to press the right buttons at the right time and you will receive new grades for doing this and the players will go further into new levels and difficulties.
  • Unscramble Windows Phone 8 Educational game will test your knowledge, players will have to Unscramble words in 45 seconds, if you successfully Unscramble a word a new word will appear with more difficulty.
  • Guess The Person can be described by its name, in this Educational game for Windows Phone 8 kids will Guess the historical figures, with many challenges and new difficulties.
  • Funny Bounce kids game comes with Two game modes, one is bounce platform mode and the other is silver coin mode. Funny Bounce is a nice funny game for kids on the Windows Phone 8 platform.
  • Make-Up Girls as its name suggests is a game for the little girls, girls can experiment on four beautiful models first and then can apply the experience in real life.
  • Fireworks Arcade is another nice game in our list of Free Windows Phone 8 Educational and Family Games For Kids. enjoy great firework effects with several different games.
  • World History Quiz will test the knowledge of your children's world history, kids can play Classic game modes with Grid game modes and each mode will have three difficulty levels.
  • Guess The Animal is another Windows Phone 8 Educational Game for your kids in which a picture will be shown with some random characters from which the kids can guess the name of the animals.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Tips For iOS Newbies

Trix Arena - If youre the owner of a new iPhone or iPad, congratulations and welcome to the world of iOS 7. If youve never used one of these devices, theres much to learn, but you dont have to take classes or spend more money to find what you need to know.Your new mobile device is essentially a computer, a communication tool, a compact camera, a virtual assistant, a notepad, and an entertainment center all rolled up into one. Our MakeUseOf Guide to iOS 7 explains the important features of the operating system in detail, but today well only be looking at the basics.

Theres much to learn, so lets get started.

Set Up An iCloud Account

Youve probably already registered your device, which in the process walked you through the steps of creating an Apple ID account. Your Apple ID is what you will use to make all your Apple software purchases. You will also need your ID for whenever you update or change to a new iOS device, so plan to keep your ID for as long as you use Apple devices, including Macs.
Bookmarking Websites & Articles

This article includes lots of links to other articles that you might want to read later. If youre reading this article on a Mac you probably already know how to save it to the Safari Reading List. The Reading List is a list of saved web pages, providing a quick way to mark something as interesting for later. You can do the same from an iOS device:

Open the Safari app

Find something interesting, then tap on the share button (a square and upward arrow)
In the share sheet, tap on Bookmark to create a permanent shortcut or Add to Reading List to save the article for later.

Note: You can also tap and hold (long press) a link, and choose Add to Reading List from there. Try it!

bookmark articles Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

You can access your Reading List and Bookmarks under Safari by tapping the Bookmarks icon at the bottom of the screen (it looks like an open book) then choosing the Reading List icon (which looks like a pair of spectacles).

Keyboard Shortcuts

Now lets do something practical with your email address. Because your email is something you will likely be typing on a regular basis, a shortcut can be created to type it faster.

Open the Settings app, which should be on the homepage of your device.
Tap on General then Keyboard and finally Shortcuts.
Tap the plus + button on the top-right.
In the window that opens type your email address in the Phrase field
Type a shortcut of two or more letters to represent your address, for example myem.

Now when you type myem it will automatically expand and replace it with the address you assigned it. You can create shortcuts for any words or phrases you type regularly, such as your address or difficult names.

iOS shortcuts Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

Know Your Settings App

The Settings app is one area of iOS that new owners need to become most familiar with. Spend some time getting familiar with all of the options available to you. For example, Settings is where you go to change the wallpaper on your device, ringtones and other sounds as well as advanced features like factory reset. Weve got a slightly older article about settings features in iOS 6, much of which rings true for iOS 7.

wallpaper Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

Setting Up Siri

Siri is a virtual assistant feature you should know about for issuing verbal commands on your device. The two links below explain in more detail how to get set up with Siri, but as a new iOS user you first need to make sure to let Siri know who you are.

Tap on the Contacts app and look for your own name
If you find it, skip to step 3 otherwise create a new contact for yourself using the plus + button
Add or correct contact information and save the contact
Open Settings and tap on General then Siri
Make sure Siri is enabled, then tap on My Info
Select the contact you found (or made) earlier.

Siri my info Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

Now you can issue a verbal commend to let Siri know who you are. Press and hold on the Home button until you hear a beep, and then say, Call me [your name]. If Siri does not pronounce your name correctly, you will need to add a phonetic spelling of your name, using the Nickname field in your contacts info.

See our other articles about iOS 7 Siri commands and other features you should know about.

Point and Shoot Camera

Though the iPads camera is not as good as the iPhone, both devices can shoot great-looking images with ease. You should check out Matts article about Apples refreshed camera in iOS 7, and we also have beginner and advanced guides to getting more out of the iPhone camera.

iPhone camera 12 Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

Smartphone photography and iPhoneography in general has earned a large cult following on the web. The device in your pocket is compatible with hundreds of accessories, has thousands of purpose-built camera apps like filter-happy VSCO and Camera+ which gives you more control. Youll also want to consider changing your approach to photography while shooting with a smartphone
Send Photos

When you want to share photos, do the following.

Open the Photos app
Tap on Albums and then Camera Roll
Find a photo you want to share, then tap the Share button (a box with an upward arrow)
Choose any additional photos, then tap Message, Mail, iCloud, Twitter and so on to share via that protocol.

iOS sharing Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

The MakeUseOf Guide to iOS 7 includes more information about sharing images and documents, similar to how I describe above.

Downloading From The App Store

You can choose from tons of free and inexpensive apps to add to your iOS device, and the App Store app is how. The various tabs outline Featured and top apps, and to download simply tap on an icon, tap the apps price for paid apps or Free for free apps, then input your password.

The app will download and appear on your homescreen. You can find past purchases under Updates then Purchases on the iPhone, or just the Purchases tab on the iPad.

app store Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

Dont forget our Best iPhone and iPad apps pages introduce dozens of recommended apps, and you can also use the search bar above to find many other recommendations.

Find My Phone or iPad

Find my Phone is Apples location service for lost or stolen devices. You should ensure the setting is enabled in the Settings > iCloud > Find my Phone menu. Should your device be lost, you can head on over to and mark your device as stolen.

Find my phone Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies
Much to Learn

While this article should get you acquainted with many useful iOS features, our free PDF guide explains a lot more. You can download our iOS 7 guide and more over on our MakeUseOf Guides page. You can also download the official Apple manual user guides for the iPhone and iPad.

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5 Of The Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drives You Should Buy

5 Of The Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drives You Should Buy - The USB drive is one of the coolest inventions to happen, especially for those who love computers. Its made our lives so convenient with its many applications, both obvious and uses you wouldnt have thought of. It just makes sense to have a flash drive or two with you at all time. So we started checking out reviews of USB 3.0 flash drives from across the Web, figuring out the best (and fastest) ones you should buy without spending a crazy amount of money. Heres what we came up with.

1. Fastest: Sandisk Extreme 64GB (around $63)

Sandisk Extreme USB 3 5 Of The Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drives You Should Buy.
Just like our last round-up of flash drives confirmed, theres no doubt about it, the Sandisk Extreme is the fastest USB flash drive out there, by a distance. Every reviewer out there who tested it says it blows away the competition, registering read and write speeds of over 200 MB/s. Youd expect it to cost a pretty penny with that claim, but the Sandisk Extreme is surprisingly affordable at around $63 for the 64GB version. By contrast, the next fastest drives are the Toshiba TransMemory-Ex and Lexar JumpDrive P10, which cost $85 and $120 respectively. Plus, the Sandisk Extreme has a slider so you dont have to worry about losing a cap either. For around $63, this is a steal! And even the lower-priced versions and lower capacities are worth every dollar.
Read speed: Over 230 MB/s
Write speed: Over 200 MB/s
Price per gigabyte: $0.98

2. Budget: Silicon Power Marvel M50 32GB ($21.99)

Silicon Power Marvel M50 32GB 5 Of The Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drives You Should Buy.
The true power of USB 3.0 cant be felt with the lower end flash drives, but hey, its still a significant step up from USB 2.0. So whats the least you can spend for that boost? For $22, you can pick up the Silicon Power Marvel M50 32GB, which has a read speed of 90 MB/s and a write speed of 60 MB/s. Its not extraordinary, but its still far better than any of the other flash drives at this price. Plus, the M50 has a nice aluminium body that will last longer than plastic, with a metal cap protecting the plug. But theres one problem: the sides of the drive are large and it usually blocks USB ports next to it, so you cant plug something in both ports at the same time. Still, given its price, its the perfect USB 3.0 flash drive to have with you in the office, primed with our office workers 101 guide to a thumb drive.
Read speed: 90 MB/s
Write speed: 60 MB/s
Price per gigabyte: $0.68

3. Rugged: Lacie XtremKey 32GB ($79.99)

Lacie XtremKey USB3 5 Of The Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drives You Should Buy.
The LaCie XtremKey could probably take a punch from Chuck Norris if it had to. Yup, its that tough! There are plenty of rugged flash drives around that offer shockproof and waterproof designs, but the XtremKey takes it to another level. The drive is encased in a metal cylindrical case that protects it from all kinds of things. A drop from 10 metres high? No problem. Itll take temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius and as high as 200 degrees Celsius. Even if its got 10 tons of pressure on it, the XtremKey will soldier on. The rubber seal keeps it waterproof even at depths of 200 metres. And LaCie does all of this without sacrificing on performance, with read speeds of 230 MB/s. Now just make sure you dont lose it.
Read speed: 230 MB/s
Write speed: 90 MB/s
Price per gigabyte: $2.50

4. Stylish: PQI i-mini 32GB (around $45)

PQI imini drive 5 Of The Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drives You Should Buy.
Good things come in small packages, and the PQI i-mini USB 3.0 flash drive is as small as they come. Put this tiny flash drive next to a penny and the coin will be the larger of the two. PQIs got some patented technology to make this micro-sized thumb drive and managed to encase it in a zinc-alloy unibody with a sand-blasted matte finish. Pop it into the USB port of your Macbook Air or any ultrabook and it will sit flush with the device. In real world tests, the read speeds are at an acceptable 80 MB/s, but unfortunately, like all of these sleek drives, it suffers in write speed, managing only about 10-13 MB/s in all reviews. If you need to copy data off your drive more often than on your drive, its great.
Read speed: 90 MB/s
Write speed: 40 MB/s
Price per gigabyte: $1.40

5. Secure: IronKey Workspace W300 64GB (around $190)

Imation Ironkey 5 Of The Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drives You Should Buy.
You want to keep your data secure and private? Youll want to make sure that if your pen drive falls into the wrong hands, they cant do anything about it. Then you should be using Imations IronKey Workspace W300. This bad boy was developed in coordination with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and is actually the flash drive used by people for whom privacy is everything. Apart from 256-bit AES full disk encryption to protect all your data, the W300 uses Windows 8s Windows-to-Go feature to make itself a bootable drive, so you can use your own version of Windows on any computer, ensuring your security. But like with most security products, all of that comes at a really steep price, so you have to want it!
Read speed: 400 MB/s
Write speed: 316 MB/s
Price per gigabyte: $2.96
How Do You Use USB Drives?

There are several ways to put a pen drive to use. You might play games directly off it or run a whole operating system from it. So we want to know, how do you usually use flash drives? How much storage do you need on the go? Comments are open!

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How to install Android 4.4 KitKat On Qmobile, Gfive and Voice SmartPhones

Trix Arena - If youre an Android user, then no doubt youre itching to get your hands on 4.4 or KitKat as its fondly known. Nexus 4 users are in luck as Google will be officially rolling out 4.4 very soon but what about the rest of us that arent rocking a Nexus. It will be an easy couple of months before OEMs begin seeding this to their flagship handsets and God knows how long before it trickles even further down. Rather than ditch your ROM for custom 4.4 builds, theres a quicker and safer option to satiate your sweet tooth. The good folks over at XDA Developers have already ported the KitKat launcher from Nexus 5 and is now available in an easy to install APK file.

Warning: While there is little to no risk in damaging your phone during this process, proceed at your own risk as we are not responsible for any issues that may occur with your device. Now, before we proceed, this will only work as long as you have Jelly Bean 4.1 and above. If you do have it, then heres what you need to do:

How to install Android 4.4 KitKat On Qmobile, Gfive and Voice SmartPhones

  1. Download the following file
  2. Once downloaded, unzip the file and youll have 3 APKs inside GoogleHome.apk, PrebuiltGmsCore.apk and Velvet.apk.
  3. Next, transfer all the APKs to your phone. You can place them in the root or create a new folder for them, doesnt matter.
  4. Use a file manager to browse to these APKs from your phone and install them in this order PrebuiltGmsCore.apk, Velvet.apk and GoogleHome.apk. All these files have to be installed in order for the launcher and Google Now to work correctly.
  5. Now, simply select the launcher by pressing the Home button and youre all set. 

We tried this on the HTC One and it worked just fine. We had an issue while installing the first file, PrebuiltGmsCore.apk. In case youre unable to install this, simply go to Apps and uninstall the updates to Google Play Services. Now try installing the APK and it should install just fine. After this, you can proceed to install the other APKs. Youll probably have to enable Google Now after this as it wasnt enabled by default when we tried it. To do this, simply search for anything in using the search bar on the home screen, then scroll down and go to settings to enable Google Now. If youre facing any issues or have any queries, feel free to voice them below. You can also browse through the XDA thread for answers.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Easily ROOT ALL Qmobile Noir, Gfive and Voice Xtreme SmartPhones

Trix Arena - After the arrival of the SmartPhones in Pakistan, every person is looking for some guides and tutorials about how to root their device. So that they can get the most out of their Android device with root permissions and full access, Qmobile was the first smart phone company which brought us some nice entry level smart phones in Pakistan with affordable price. Now Qmobile along with Gfive and Voice have some high end Android smart phones with low price tags, that is why every one is buying these Android device. After the purchase many users want to Root their Android smart phone but they don't want to get into some complicated technical stuff. That is why here we are with a simple method which will allow almost every user to Root their Android smart Phone with just a few click without any problem. After reading this article everyone can Easily ROOT ALL Qmobile Noir series smart phones with Gfive G9 and Voice Xtreme series of SmartPhones, Plus you can also Root most Chinese smart phones with a lots of branded Android devices as well, the complete list of the devices will be provided later in this article, at the end of the article you will find the full step by step guide on how to root all these Android devices...

Easily ROOT ALL Qmobile Noir, Gfive and Voice Xtreme SmartPhones

Which Models of Qmobile, Gfive and Voice Xtreme can be Rooted

You can easily Root All Qmobile smart phones with the help of the guide below, which includes. How To Root Qmobile Noir A7, How To Root Qmobile Noir A50, How To Root Qmobile Noir A6, How To Root Qmobile Noir A70, How To Root Qmobile Noir A60, How To Root Qmobile Noir A8, How To Root Qmobile Noir A11, How To Root Qmobile Noir A10 Lite, How To Root Qmobile Noir A9, How To Root Qmobile Noir A500, How To Root Qmobile Noir A10, How To Root Qmobile Noir A15 3D, How To Root Qmobile Noir A10 Quad Core, How To Root Qmobile Noir A10, How To Root Qmobile Noir A20, How To Root Qmobile Noir A600, How To Root Qmobile Noir A900, How To Root Qmobile Noir A700, How To Root Qmobile Noir A950 and How To Root Qmobile Noir Quatro Z3. After that you can also Root Gfive G9 President with one click root method, other than that you will be able to Root GFive Bravo G95, GFive A78 Ferrari, GFive Glory A86 models. Last you can also give it a shot on the latest Voice Xtreme series smart phones which includes, How To Root Voice Xtreme V30, How To Root Voice Xtreme V40, How To Root Voice Xtreme V60 and How To Root Voice Xtreme V70.

Other Smart Phones which can Be Rooted with This Application

This latest one-click will install Superuser along with on binary on your smart phone. Find your phone in the compatibility lists below, if your device is listed here then you can use this application on your Android device. Compatibility for Qualcomm Android devices with Gandalf exploits only are, Asus Padfone 1/2, Asus Padfone Infinity, Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700KL, BW T18 + (Fortis Ages), Cloudfone Thrill 430x, Disgo 8400G, DNS S4504/S4503/S4502, FAEA F1, Gigabyte GSmart G1315 Skate, Gigabyte GSmart Rio R1, Google Nexus 4, Highscreen Spark / OMEGA Q / Blast / Strike / Boost, HTC One S, Pro Huawei Honor (U8950-1), Huawei Ascend U8815/U8816 G300/G301, Huawei Ascend G330D U8825D, Karbonn Titanium S5, Kyocera Torque, Lenovo S870E, LG Nitro HD, LG L7 II P710/P714/P715, LG Optimus F5 (P875), LG Optimus G E970/E975, LG Optimus L3 E425 II, LG Optimus L5 E610/612/615, LG Optimus P710/P713 L7 II / P714/P715, LG Optimus L7 P700/?705, LG Optimus LTE 2, MEDION LIFE P4013, Micromax A111 Canvas Doodle, Oppo Find 5, Orange Nivo, Pantech Discover, Pantech IM-A840S Vega S5, Samsung I8552 Galaxy Win, Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W, Sony Xperia It C1505/Dual C1605, The Sony Xperia C210X, Texet TM-3204R, Texet TM-4677, Xiaomi Mi-2S, ZTE V955 V880G.

Compatibility for MTK MediaTek Android devices with Boromir exploits only are: Alcatel OT 4030D S'POP, Alcatel OT HD 8008D Scribe, Alcatel OT 997D, Alcatel OT Idol 6030X/6030D/6030H, Amoi N828, ASUS Memo Pad HD 7, Chinese Star S7589, DAXIAN XY100S, Explay HD Quad, Explay infinity II, Explay Polo, Explay 7:32 Surfer 3G, Explay Surfer 31.8 3G, Fly IQ440 Energy, Fly IQ441 Radiance, Fly IQ442 Miracle, Fly IQ443 Trend, Magic Fly IQ446, Fly IQ450 Four Horizon 2, Fly IQ451, GoClever Fone 570Q, Haipai I9389, Highscreen Alpha GTX, HKC Q79 3G, Huawei U8836D G500 Pro, IconBIT NetTAB Space Duo 3G, Iocean X7, Jiayu G2, Jiayu G3S, Jiayu G4, KENEKSI Beta, Lava iris 405, Lenovo IdeaPhone P700i, Lenovo S720 IdeaPhone, Lenovo IdeaTab A3000-H, Lenovo IdeaTab S6000-H, Lenovo P770, Lenovo S820, S920, A390, Micromax Canvas HD, Motorola RAZR D3, Newman N1, Oppo U7015 findway, Oumei X5, Philips W536, Philips W736, Prestige Multiphone 4055, Prestige Multiphone PAP 4505DUO, Sharp AQUOS SH837W, Star Butterfly S5, TeXet NaviPad TM-7055HD, Texet TM-5277, THL V12, THL W100 (130711), W200 THL, ZOPO C2 Platinum, ZP 910 ZOPO, ZOPO ZP300 +, ZOPO ZP900 Leader, ZTE V880G / H, ZTE V987 Quad Grand X.

Compatibility for Samsung Android devices with Legolas and Aragorn exploits only are: Core Samsung Galaxy GT-I8262, Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C, Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6312/GT-S6310, Lightray Samsung SCH-R940. Compatibility for Exynos devices with Sam, Frodo, Legolas and Aragorn exploits only are: AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-I317 2, Highscreen Explosion, Hyundai t7s, Impression 9702 (Exynos 4412), Lenovo K860/?860i, Newman N2, Meizu MX2, Samsung Galaxy Room EK-GC100, 10.1 Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8000, GT-N8010, GT-N8013, GT-N8020, 2 Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7100, 2 LTE Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7105, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000, Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000, Samsung Galaxy S2 AT & T SGH-I777, Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch - SPH-D710, Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100, Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300, LTE Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9305, Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus GT-P6200/GT-P6210, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800/GT-P6810, Samsung SGH-i997 Infuse 4G, T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 T-889, Verizon SCH-I605 Galaxy Note 2, Auxus CoreX2 iBerry 3G and 3G CoreX4. Compatibility for OMAP36xx Android devices with Gimli exploits only are: Archos Gen8, Cliq 2 MB611, Four Coolpad 4G, Droid 2 (A955), Droid 2 Global (A956), Droid X (MB810), LG Marquee LS855, LG P970 Optimus Black, Motorola DEFY + (MB525 / MB526), Motorola Droid PRO, Motorola Droid X, Motorola XPRT, Parrot ASTEROID Smart, R2D2 (A957)...

How to Root All Qmobile, Gfive and Voice Xtreme Mobiles with Framaroot

First go to the settings of your Android device and do these steps: Settings > Security > Check Unknown Sources. This will enable you to install apps from third parties. Once this is done you can go ahead and download Framaroot so that you can install it on your Android device. after that you can see the above image for the next Onscreen instructions. Once you have finished the above tasks you will get a success popup message on your screen and you are done! Please note that Framaroot currently supports some OMAP 3 with Exynos 4 plus Qualcomm and Mediatek chips which we mentioned above in our list. The operations described in this article must be performed with extreme caution so that no harm can be done to your device. All the information here is for education purpose and the author does not take any sort of responsibility for the harm done to your device in the process so root your device on your own risk. Other than that many users around the world is using Framaroot Application for Rooting which is developed by Alephzian, a senior XDA forum member. So we can assume that this software is a legit one and will work fine with the Android device listed above, such as Qmobile Noir Series mobiles, Gfive Smart Phones and Voice Xtreme Series of smart phones With MediaTek Chipsets...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Upgrade Qmobile Noir A20 To JellyBean 4.2.1 With MIUI V5

Trix Arena - Qmobile Noir A20 was the first quad core smart phone from Qmobile in Pakistan and it was the second quad core smart phone after Gfive G9, at that time the clear winner was the Gfive G9 quad core smart phone with better build quality, large screen size and an up to date operating system like Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1. But now you can Upgrade Qmobile Noir A20 To JellyBean 4.2.1 Android operating system with the help of this guide. This guide will also install the latest MIUI V5 ROM on your QMobile Noir A20 and if you want you can use this step by step guide on QMobile Noir A900 to install the latest MIUI V5 ROM. Other than that this tutorial will also work on Gionee GN708W and Gionee Elife E3, Xolo Q800 and FLY IQ446 with LifePlay and Symphony w150. Below are all the features of this latest MIUI V5 ROM with Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean Update...

Upgrade Qmobile Noir A20 To JellyBean 4.2.1 With MIUI V5

MIUI V5 ROM Features
Improved fluency of the toggles, No pop-up for incoming messages in the Do not disturb mode, background color adjustment Optimization, Wi-Fi details page bug Fixed, 3rd party apps display error is fixed in stock themes, Facebook Live Chat problem fixed, Fixed the physical Home button some times does not respond in the Do not disturb mode. Occasional FC errors are fixed, Optimized notification bar for smoother hardware startup, play RTSP videos directly from your text messages, opening folders animation fluency is much more improved, Guard mode Optimization, in incremental updates the status bar icon error is fixed, FC issues in synchronisation settings page are fixed, These are some of the new features of the latest MIUI V5 update with Latest Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 operating system...

How To Upgrade Qmobile Noir A20 and Qmobile Noir A900 To JellyBean 4.2.1 With MIUI V5

In order to install these updated you will need Rooted Qmobile Noir A20 or Qmobile Noir A900 smart phones with Custom Recovery such as TWRP or CWM must be installed on your device. For rooting and installing Custom Recovery on all the Qmobile device you can check our other article or you can visit droidchina. With the help of droidchina guide you can root all the MTK6589 powered devices with One click root system, because the procedure for rooting MTK6589 quad core smart phones is the same. Now first download the zip file for Qmobile Noir A20 or Qmobile Noir A900, copy the zip file into your memory card to the root of your card, and then turn off your phone. Activate Recovery Mode by pressing and holding Power Button with Volume UP Button at the same time, backup of your current ROM if anything goes wrong youd have a backup so that you can install the previous ROM. Now Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik Cache, Wipe System, Wipe Android Secure after all these are done, go back to the main menu and start the Installation. Select the zip file which you downloaded to your memory card and Swipe to Flash the ROM, Wait for soem time so that the installation is complete. After installation finishes click on Reboot and here you go, your device is upgraded with the latest MIUI v5 ROM and Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean operating system...