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Some Tips For iOS Newbies

Trix Arena - If youre the owner of a new iPhone or iPad, congratulations and welcome to the world of iOS 7. If youve never used one of these devices, theres much to learn, but you dont have to take classes or spend more money to find what you need to know.Your new mobile device is essentially a computer, a communication tool, a compact camera, a virtual assistant, a notepad, and an entertainment center all rolled up into one. Our MakeUseOf Guide to iOS 7 explains the important features of the operating system in detail, but today well only be looking at the basics.

Theres much to learn, so lets get started.

Set Up An iCloud Account

Youve probably already registered your device, which in the process walked you through the steps of creating an Apple ID account. Your Apple ID is what you will use to make all your Apple software purchases. You will also need your ID for whenever you update or change to a new iOS device, so plan to keep your ID for as long as you use Apple devices, including Macs.
Bookmarking Websites & Articles

This article includes lots of links to other articles that you might want to read later. If youre reading this article on a Mac you probably already know how to save it to the Safari Reading List. The Reading List is a list of saved web pages, providing a quick way to mark something as interesting for later. You can do the same from an iOS device:

Open the Safari app

Find something interesting, then tap on the share button (a square and upward arrow)
In the share sheet, tap on Bookmark to create a permanent shortcut or Add to Reading List to save the article for later.

Note: You can also tap and hold (long press) a link, and choose Add to Reading List from there. Try it!

bookmark articles Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

You can access your Reading List and Bookmarks under Safari by tapping the Bookmarks icon at the bottom of the screen (it looks like an open book) then choosing the Reading List icon (which looks like a pair of spectacles).

Keyboard Shortcuts

Now lets do something practical with your email address. Because your email is something you will likely be typing on a regular basis, a shortcut can be created to type it faster.

Open the Settings app, which should be on the homepage of your device.
Tap on General then Keyboard and finally Shortcuts.
Tap the plus + button on the top-right.
In the window that opens type your email address in the Phrase field
Type a shortcut of two or more letters to represent your address, for example myem.

Now when you type myem it will automatically expand and replace it with the address you assigned it. You can create shortcuts for any words or phrases you type regularly, such as your address or difficult names.

iOS shortcuts Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

Know Your Settings App

The Settings app is one area of iOS that new owners need to become most familiar with. Spend some time getting familiar with all of the options available to you. For example, Settings is where you go to change the wallpaper on your device, ringtones and other sounds as well as advanced features like factory reset. Weve got a slightly older article about settings features in iOS 6, much of which rings true for iOS 7.

wallpaper Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

Setting Up Siri

Siri is a virtual assistant feature you should know about for issuing verbal commands on your device. The two links below explain in more detail how to get set up with Siri, but as a new iOS user you first need to make sure to let Siri know who you are.

Tap on the Contacts app and look for your own name
If you find it, skip to step 3 otherwise create a new contact for yourself using the plus + button
Add or correct contact information and save the contact
Open Settings and tap on General then Siri
Make sure Siri is enabled, then tap on My Info
Select the contact you found (or made) earlier.

Siri my info Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

Now you can issue a verbal commend to let Siri know who you are. Press and hold on the Home button until you hear a beep, and then say, Call me [your name]. If Siri does not pronounce your name correctly, you will need to add a phonetic spelling of your name, using the Nickname field in your contacts info.

See our other articles about iOS 7 Siri commands and other features you should know about.

Point and Shoot Camera

Though the iPads camera is not as good as the iPhone, both devices can shoot great-looking images with ease. You should check out Matts article about Apples refreshed camera in iOS 7, and we also have beginner and advanced guides to getting more out of the iPhone camera.

iPhone camera 12 Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

Smartphone photography and iPhoneography in general has earned a large cult following on the web. The device in your pocket is compatible with hundreds of accessories, has thousands of purpose-built camera apps like filter-happy VSCO and Camera+ which gives you more control. Youll also want to consider changing your approach to photography while shooting with a smartphone
Send Photos

When you want to share photos, do the following.

Open the Photos app
Tap on Albums and then Camera Roll
Find a photo you want to share, then tap the Share button (a box with an upward arrow)
Choose any additional photos, then tap Message, Mail, iCloud, Twitter and so on to share via that protocol.

iOS sharing Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

The MakeUseOf Guide to iOS 7 includes more information about sharing images and documents, similar to how I describe above.

Downloading From The App Store

You can choose from tons of free and inexpensive apps to add to your iOS device, and the App Store app is how. The various tabs outline Featured and top apps, and to download simply tap on an icon, tap the apps price for paid apps or Free for free apps, then input your password.

The app will download and appear on your homescreen. You can find past purchases under Updates then Purchases on the iPhone, or just the Purchases tab on the iPad.

app store Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies

Dont forget our Best iPhone and iPad apps pages introduce dozens of recommended apps, and you can also use the search bar above to find many other recommendations.

Find My Phone or iPad

Find my Phone is Apples location service for lost or stolen devices. You should ensure the setting is enabled in the Settings > iCloud > Find my Phone menu. Should your device be lost, you can head on over to and mark your device as stolen.

Find my phone Received A New iPhone or iPad? Here Are Some Tips For iOS Newbies
Much to Learn

While this article should get you acquainted with many useful iOS features, our free PDF guide explains a lot more. You can download our iOS 7 guide and more over on our MakeUseOf Guides page. You can also download the official Apple manual user guides for the iPhone and iPad.

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